2022 Sermons

Rev. Tom Hall's regular sermons from 2022 outside of his various sermon series'.

Bought at a Price-111322

November 14, 2022 at 8:43 AM

One of the classic theories of the atonement (how God saves us) is the “ransom” theory. This is what Jesus tells the disciples he has done for us; he’s “ransomed” us, bought us back at the cost of his life. The message this week features an imaginary encounter with Francis Herron, the minister of First Church from 1811 to 1850. Early in Herron’s ministry, the church was literally bankrupt, and the sheriff put the church building and lot up for sale to pay its creditors. Herron purchased everything with his own money, redeeming the church from its creditors. (Part of a series on church history in anticipation of our 250th anniversary next year).

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